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Rules Of The Ride
Local Rules

Now that we've outlined the RUSA rules, here are the local additions.

Riding On the Roads of Illinois

Rider safety and personal responsibility are paramount. For events held in the state of Illinois, each rider must follow the "Rules of the Road" as outlined by the State of Illinois with regards to operating a bicycle. This of course includes, but is not limited to following all traffic laws, and lighting requirements. Rides held in the State of Missouri will require riders to obey all applicable laws pertaining to bicyclists.

In Illinois, riders are allowed to ride two abreast as long as they do not interfere with the normal flow of traffic, and must ride as far to the right as practicable.

More Lighting Notes

All events starting before sunrise, or finishing after sunset require lighting and reflective gear. To make life easier, the only rides that do not require lights and reflective gear are the first two 200k events in March. This is mostly due to many riders being able to complete a 200k in ten or eleven hours.

Cut off for a 200k is 13 1/2 hours, which puts the official finish after sundown. If you think you may finish closer to sundown, or the cutoff for these two early season events, I highly recommend you have your lights and reflective gear. In Illinois, riding a bicycle after dark (sundown) without proper front and rear lighting is against the law. I just mount my lights on the bike and leave them on for the series, that way, I don't have to worry about it.

Again, If you don't have working lights (front/rear) at the start, you will not be allowed to start. There is no flexibility here, zero, none.

Checkpoint Procedures

We use gas stations and quickie marts along the routes. You will have the kind people working there sign and add a date/time to the appropriate checkpoint box on your brevet card.

At the end of all Edwardsville events, we finish at the Edwardsville Police Station located at 400 N Main, just one block north of the commuter parking lot. Inside the police station will be a bin located under one of the chairs. Fill out your brevet card with your finish time. Make sure you have your name and address on the back of the brevet card. Deposit the completed brevet card in the bin. You will also find the check-in form in the bin. Print your full name and finish time where indicated.

Getting Home Safely

These events are long and tiring. Make sure you are sufficiently rested to drive home safely. It does not do you, your family, and those driving near you any good if you fall asleep at the wheel causing an accident, injuring or killing someone. If you need to, put a blanket and pillow in your car, and plan on getting a nap before heading home.