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Rules Of The Ride
RUSA Rules

All regulations as outlined in the RUSA Rules For Riders from the Randonneurs USA RUSA) web site must be followed. Here are the highlights. RUSA's site has the full, "official" version.

Article 2

You do not need to be a member of RUSA to ride any brevet. Membership in RUSA does have its benefits. RUSA members are eligible for various awards, including finisher's medals for each ACP event completed, additional mileage awards and the very informative RUSA magazine. Membership forms are available on the RUSA website. A current membership with RUSA is required prior to your first event if you plan on ordering a finisher's medal, or qualifying and riding some 1,200k events.

Article 3

All riders need to complete a registration form, completely fill out a Waiver of Liability, and pay the registration fee.

Article 5

You are on a "personal ride" and must follow ALL traffic codes (stop lights come to mind here as does not blocking the flow of vehicle traffic). You must wear a helmet. ACP, RUSA and the RBA are not responsible for any accidents that occur during a brevet.

Article 6

All riders must be self sufficient. Follow cars are not allowed. Any support vehicle YOU need can meet you at, and only at official checkpoints listed on your brevet card.

Article 7

You will get a brevet card and cue sheet. You must stay on course, no "short-cuts".

Article 8

Have your brevet card signed at each and every checkpoint during the times indicated. Oh yeah, loose your brevet card, and you just had a nice long training ride.

Article 9

There are established minium and maximum times for each ride, and you must finish within those time limits.

Article 10

This is the "lighting" article. There is no flexibility with this one. Well ... nope, none. I am not even going to try to explain this as the rules for riding at night or in low light conditions is very detailed. Please see Article 10 of the Rules for Riders on RUSA's website for all details.

Article 11

At the finish you will complete and turn in your brevet card where indicated.

Article 15

This one is simple. No cheating, fraud or deliberate violation of the rules.

In order to be an official finisher, all regulations must be followed.