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Day of Event

There are many things you can do to prepare for your chosen event. If you have not already looked at the Calendar of Events, and FAQ sections, begin there.

If you have time, fill out the Waiver of Liability ahead of time. Print the completed form and bring it with you. I also have blank waivers available at the ride start for those who rather fill it out on the day of the event. Once you arrive at the start, register as soon as possible. Registration is only handled during the times listed, and closes 15 minutes prior to the posted ride start time.

At registration will be given your brevet card, and the official cue sheet/route map. You need to carry both with you on the ride. We do not paint arrows on the road. You need to follow the cue sheet/map and turn where indicated. The RBA does his best to ensure all roads and turns are indicated correctly on the cue sheet. If, however, you discover an error, please contact the RBA so the cue sheet can be updated.

In addition to the Ride Fee, make sure you have money to purchase any food and drink you need along the way. These are self supported rides, and there are quickie marts along the route where you can fill up. Rarely will you need to ride more than 30-35 miles without passing through a town.

Make sure your bicycle is in working order. Events range from 125 miles to 375 miles. There is no SAG support or bicycle shops along the route. Bring fresh tubes that fit your wheel/tire size. Make sure you have a working pump and tire levers, and know how to use them.

About five minutes prior to the start, a riders' briefing is held to cover the rules, route, and answer any last minute questions. You will also need to present yourself and your bicycle for lighting inspection. Have your lights (front and rear) powered on, your reflective vest, sash / Sam Browne belt, as well as your reflective ankle bands on. Riders who do not pass lighting inspection will not be allowed to ride.

Brevets are timed events. There is an official start time, which is posted. You are free to start your ride up to one hour after the official start as long as you have completed your registration during the posted times. You can not depart prior to the official start time.

There are riders who are fast and there are riders who are slower on these rides. Some riders have time goals, others just want to finish ahead of the cutoff. Generally you will find others to ride with who are willing to share the work, take a pull, stop while you fix a flat tire, or take a break. There are time limits for all brevets. If you are too slow, you may be left to fend for yourself.

At checkpoints many experienced riders get their brevet card signed, refill bottles, use the bathroom and are back on the road in ten minutes or less. You can, of course, take your time. Just remember the clock is always ticking, every minute off the bike is time you may need later in case of weather or mechanical challenges. If you are riding in a group, make sure you know when the group plans to pull out.

For Edwardsville events, the final checkpoint is located at the Edwardsville Police Station located at 400 North Main, one block north from the commuter parking lot. You will fill out your brevet card with your name, address and finish time. You will also sign the final check-in sheet. Place your brevet card in the bin, located inside the police station, usually under one of the chairs.

Make sure your are well rested before you drive home.